Beau is a professional and compassionate clinical psychologist, with diverse experience. Combining Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Schema Therapy, Beau offers therapy specific to each clients individual needs.


2/34 Ballina Rd
Lismore NSW 2480


Monday to Thursday
9am to 4pm


$200 per session
($129.55 rebate possible)


0491 154 190

Psychologists are experts in human behaviour. As such, a psychologist can help identify and modify problems or difficulties associated with one’s self and/or ones interpersonal relationships with others. Therapy is a collaboration between two people, and while a psychologist draws on training, experience, and clinical judgement, the client remains expert of their own experience. When therapy is effective, barriers can fall away, new insights may develop, and relief from psychological distress may be felt.

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2/34 Ballina Rd, Lismore NSW 2480
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